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Three Question with EMEA Director of Inside Sales Natalie Maybin

SailPoint EMEA Director of Inside Sales Natalie Maybin’s career wasn’t a straightforward path. She started her journey as a 19-year-old receptionist at Macromedia. Through grit and determination, she worked hard at her career. This led her to sales operations, finance, and marketing for the Middle East and emerging markets at Macromedia. Moving finally into account management and leadership at various companies.

Natalie’s first mentor was a strong leader and always helped her move the needle of her career by focusing on her passion. Naturally, with a strong leader in Natalie’s life, she wanted to be a leader as well. After moving into various leadership roles, Natalie ultimately landed here at SailPoint as the EMEA Director of Inside Sales, and it is the perfect fit for her.  At SailPoint, Natalie’s goals are to drive and scale-out the team. She is actively hiring experienced inside sales individuals to add more talent to the already high-performing team (peep our job openings here). Now, without further ado, here are three questions with Natalie Maybin.

What do you think your career will look like in 10 years? Do you expect to see more women leaders in the field?

I am always driven towards progress and to learn more in this industry. I would eventually love to move up the ranks further in leadership. I have been so fortunate to progress in my career and move around in the industry, meeting some extraordinary female leaders and colleagues along the way. I am seeing more solid female leaders and expect this to grow and personally love mentoring females in this industry to the next level. It’s all about supporting each other. 

Who are some of the women that have impacted you in your career (and/or influenced direction/decisions you’ve made professionally)? Why?

My first ever Managing Director Sue Thexon and Fiona Coughlan Sales Director, both at Macromedia – pushed me to the next level by coaching/mentoring along the way to believe in myself to succeed. They are a big reason why I moved into leadership roles myself. 

Who do you follow on social media or what groups are you part of that positively influence your career as a Woman in Identity?

I follow the Women in Technology group on LinkedIn. The quotes and posts are so inspiring as a female leader who is also a mother… trying to juggle work-life balance is always a challenge, and it’s great to see posts that help you push to the next level! 

I also have a strong LinkedIn network of strong women across EMEA to always ask for support and coaching.