The Secret is Out:
User Identity is the Cornerstone of Compliance

Let Us Help You Get Compliant

Always be audit-ready

You know that failing an audit is not an option. But staying on top of industry regulations such as SOX, HIPAA, GLBA, and GDPR can be overwhelming if you haven’t got a team of resources focused on managing to requirements.


of firms expect they will have to spend more time liaising with regulators


expect costs of senior
compliance staff to increase

IT professionals in smaller enterprises can be faced with a no-win choice between allowing compliance “drift” or employing expensive, time consuming consultants to maintain control over compliance audits, tests and data.

  • What if continuous control was within your grasp?
  • What if you never had to scramble to get ready for another audit?
  • What if it was easy to get compliant and stay compliant?

Have confidence in your compliance

The smartest way to ensure your organization’s continuous compliance is to establish a framework that gives you visibility to who can access information. Your technology needs to give you control of that access, allow you to check for gap in user compliance and perform simple, routine checks or run quick and complete audit trail reports.

We’d like to give you that control. We’re 12 year veterans of managing identity for organizations just like yours.

Let us help you get compliant