Give workers access wherever they are — automatically.

Change is the only constant within your organization. That’s why it’s so important to quickly enable your workforce with the tools and applications they need, wherever they may be. With SailPoint, provisioning user access is easy and secure. It helps you avoid excess permissions by automatically adjusting and removing user access as change happens, helping reduce risk while improving your compliance and productivity.

  • Enable a secure remote workforce with access to all essential applications
  • Quickly onboard new workers with the tools and access they need Day 1
  • Automatically modify or revoke access as users change roles in the organization
  • Ensure separation-of-duties through role-based provisioning policies

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How does automated provisioning work?

When a worker is assigned a role through your system, they’re automatically provisioned access with our role-based identity management solution. If that worker changes roles or leaves the organization, their access is adjusted or removed immediately. 

automated provisioning

SailPoint helps you:

Achieve Day 1 productivity

Empower users to do their work immediately, from any location, with automated, intuitive access.

Increase IT efficiency

Automate routine provisioning so your team can focus on high-impact IT projects.

Prevent human error

Eliminate typos with automated provisioning based on compliance and security policies.

See all access

Get a complete cross-organizational view of all user access and entitlements.

Reduce risk

Ensure correct least privilege access at all times to reduce security and compliance risks.

Validate access and approvals

Detailed audit-trails demonstrate how access was handled, even during times of change.

Expedite provisioning securely and save IT time.

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