Data Access Security

Discover, govern, and secure real-time access to sensitive data. Enhance the power of identity security with enriched context and insights on critical data access.


Say hello to integrated data governance

Data Access Security extends your identity security program by identifying your sensitive, regulated, and critical data assets within your environment. Minimize sensitive data exposure risks with automated data discovery, classification, and comprehensive access analysis.

See who has access to your sensitive data and how it’s being used with real-time activity monitoring. Increase productivity with automated governance workflows and customizable data access policies.

Get detailed data access insights to proactively lock down sensitive data, reduce your attack surface, and enable zero-trust security. 

Use Cases

Govern and protect your sensitive data

Employees are creating, downloading, extracting, copying, and sharing data across an ever-growing digital ecosystem. As a result, the potential attack surface has expanded. The risks: data breach, data loss, and lasting reputational damage.

Data Access Security helps organizations keep business-critical data safe.

Discover and classify sensitive data

Understand your unstructured data risks. Prioritize the most sensitive data and lock it down to minimize your attack surface.

Enable risk-based data access decisions

Enable smarter governance and expedite reviews with enhanced context on sensitive data access for entitlements and roles.

Enhance your identity and data security posture

Uncover hidden data risk and monitor security progress through shared dashboards and integrated reporting.

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SailPoint’s Identity Security Cloud solution enables organizations to manage and secure real-time access to critical data and applications for every enterprise identity with an intelligent and unified approach, unlike other identity governance solutions on the market today.


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Learn how Data Access Security discovers, governs, and secures critical data across the enterprise.

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