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SailPoint Identity Security Cloud

Manage and secure access to critical data and applications for every enterprise identity with an intelligent and unified solution.


Identity security tailored for your enterprise

Built on our unified identity security platform SailPoint Atlas, SailPoint Identity Security Cloud is designed to meet an organization’s needs at every step of their identity security journey. With each suite building on the next, organizations gain more advanced options as their identity management and governance requirements grow in size, scale and complexity.

Use Cases

The power of a unified solution

With SailPoint Identity Security Cloud, you have the clarity of knowing what components you need and the simplicity of procuring them together. It’s a less complex approach to ensuring your identity and access management (IAM) teams have a comprehensive identity security solution.

Embrace Zero trust

Connect all your systems and teams with your IT and security apps to dynamically share and act on identity intelligence. It’s an AI-enabled, automated Zero Trust architecture.

Modernize your identity governance

Implement a solution that keeps up with your ever-growing population of identities and entitlements. Leverage AI and ML for built-in intelligence that can better secure your enterprise.

Empower & protect remote work

Take a thoughtful approach to Identity Security and make work from anywhere a secure reality for your organization. Maintain productivity while minimizing overall risk.


Unified. Intelligent. Powerful.

SailPoint Atlas is a secure identity platform that allows organizations to tackle new identity security challenges without having to rearchitect their solution.

Product Modules

Everything you need. And then some.

Four product modules provide you key capabilities and features to start your identity security journey.

Lifecycle Management

Automate and manage the identity lifecycle from day 1

Compliance Management

Streamline identity processes and strengthen access governance

Access Modeling

Create and implement access roles that fit your needs


Make better access decisions with actionable insights into identity data


Take your identity security solution even further

The SailPoint Identity Security Cloud delivers the essentials for most organizations. SailPoint also offers add-ons for specific needs

Non-Employee Risk Management

Execute risk-based identity access and lifecycle management strategies for non-employees

Learn more
Data Access Security

Enhance governance and protection for critical unstructured data

Learn more
Password Management

Consistent, strong password policies across apps and sources

Learn more
Access Risk Management

Real-time access risk analysis and identification of potential risks

Learn more
Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management

Identity security for infrastructure-as-a-service is a must-have for the modern enterprise

Learn more

Find your perfect solution

Start your identity security journey today

SailPoint’s Identity Security Cloud solution enables organizations to manage and secure real-time access to critical data and applications for every enterprise identity with an intelligent and unified approach, unlike other identity governance solutions on the market today.


Centralize & unify your
identity security

Build your foundation of identity security


Automate & optimize with AI, in

Extend your identity security

Business Plus

Mitigate risk & simplify processes
with advanced intelligence

Accelerate growth and transformation


Frequently asked questions

SailPoint’s extensive catalog of connectors and integrations gives your organization the ability to easily extend identity security to hundreds of critical, everyday applications. Whether built in-house with strategic collaborators, or by using open-source tools, our integrations help you ensure that the right users have the right access to the right systems, resources, and applications.

A snapshot of AI and machine learning generated insights includes identity outliers detection and machine learning recommendations for certifications, access requests, role creation, and management. By analyzing vast amounts of data, SailPoint dynamically assists in determining the proper level of access, with decision support provided to stakeholders. Now you can make data-driven, future-focused decisions. These insights facilitate seamless adherence to compliance requirements.

Zero trust is the future of access. Because zero trust relies on the identity of the user, securing identities and making sure access is appropriate all the time is critical. Our extensibility framework enables deep configuration across entire security systems so you can easily thread least-privilege access identity security across your ecosystem. Learn how SailPoint enables zero trust.

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