Enable the right access at the right time – automatically.

Your workers rely on fast access to technology to get their job done. So delivering rapid and appropriate access is critical and a key component of balancing productivity and security. But too much access – over-provisioning – can expose your organization to serious security risks.

SailPoint provides a fully automated approach to provisioning access based on policies you set. Give IT teams complete visibility to monitor and manage all access in real time.

  • Maximize Day 1 productivity with automated provisioning of access to apps and data
  • Automatically adjust access as users change roles, take on new projects or leave the organization
  • Provide users with self-service access requests and automated actions built from identity-based policies
  • Equip business managers with AI-driven recommendations that indicate when it’s safe to grant access
  • Ensure access is always right sized and in compliance for each user

The SailPoint advantage:

Increase efficiency

Empower IT to effectively manage high volumes of access changes and requests through automation.

Maximize productivity

Provide workers with the access they need to essential business tools right when they need it.

Increase visibility and intelligence

Monitor access across the organization; identify and deprovision risky, unused, orphaned or dormant accounts.

Fortify security

Ensure all access follows proper policy with built-in machine learning tools that instantly spot potential risks.

Securely provision access with SailPoint:

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