Stop the #1 cloud threat: Unauthorized access.

Taking advantage of cloud infrastructure is critical to the success of your business, but securing access to cloud platforms creates a set of unique challenges that can put your organization at risk.

SailPoint Cloud Access Management allows you to get complete visibility and control across your cloud infrastructure and workloads, detect potential anomalies, and better enforce access policies across all users.

  • Find and manage high-risk access using policies that continuously search access to identify risks.
  • Simplify access visibility with an interactive graphical map of access, from identities to entitlements to resources.
  • Identify excess privileges and “right-size” access by finding unused sensitive entitlements across the multi-cloud environment.

How does Cloud Governance work?

SailPoint gives you a comprehensive view of access to all resources across your multi-cloud infrastructure. From a single dashboard, our AI-powered insights help you make faster and more informed access decisions, detect potential risks, and easily enforce access policies for all users.

With SailPoint Cloud Access Management you get:

Threat Detection

Identify suspicious access activity and prevent attacks by using AI to learn access usage patterns and identify anomalies.

Least Privilege

Continuously enforce proper user access based on data classification, tags, as well as Active Directory user and group attributes.

Accelerate Compliance

Take advantage of more than 500 pre-configured policies – known as guardrails – that address compliance requirements and embrace cloud governance best practices.

Fast Time-to-Value

Quickly and easily leverage a complete cloud-based, turnkey delivery platform with no patches to implement or upgrades to manage.

Govern your IaaS cloud platforms and workloads.

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