Deliver secure access across your entire organization, any time and anywhere:

  • Intelligent Insights: Stay ahead of the security curve with increased visibility.
  • Autonomous Identity: Leverage AI and machine learning to streamline access requests and certifications.
  • Seamless Integrations: Extend your ability to manage and control user access across your entire hybrid environment.
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SailPoint’s products offer these capabilities:

Lifecycle Management

Give your employees, contractors, partners, and even bots rapid and secure access to technology resources. Automatically adjust access as people join, change roles, or leave your organization.

Compliance Management

Ensure you’re always protecting sensitive information according to regulatory requirements. Improve the speed and accuracy of access certifications via automated reviews and always be audit ready.

AI-Driven Identity

Use artificial intelligence to make faster and better access decisions. Proactively spot risky users and ensure every user in your organization has the right amount of access they need when they need it.

Extended Access Management

Get complete visibility and control of your digital environment. This includes all platforms, resources, and applications. Improve efficiency, streamline compliance, and reduce risk.

Conveniently integrate identity with your apps.

With many integrations and technology partners to choose from, effortlessly implement your connectors and integrations.

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