Similar to space debris, data is orbiting enterprises at an alarming speed and volume. Like many of the floating objects in space, much of this data is abandoned, forgotten, and dangerous. Sensitive data lurking in unstructured systems can wreak havoc enterprises when left unmanaged.

To deal with this problem, enterprises must extend their identity governance programs to data stored in files before hackers find and exploit it. Thankfully, the tools and the processes are the same well-known practices already used by identity professionals today. Taking cues from the global initiative to address the problem of space debris, find out how to extend your identity governance program into the new frontier of data.

Watch this webinar to:

  • Understand the risk posed by sensitive data in files that often goes undetected and ignored, just like space debris.
  • Learn how to identify and triage sensitive data in files, diagnosing the risk posed to your organization.
  • Discover how to develop a clear roadmap that can help mitigate the risk posed by sensitive data by reusing your existing investment in an ongoing identity governance program.

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