Our customers know that not all hacks or data breaches are equal. While many breaches result in inconvenience and minor financial losses, others have the potential to devastate your organization’s finances, credibility, privacy, ability to meet compliance and much more.

Many of our customers have begun prioritizing the alignment of identity governance with privileged access management (PAM) solutions to reduce risk and prevent abuse of their organization’s critical information assets. With SailPoint’s IdentityIQTM Privileged Account Management Module, you now have a complete view of a user’s access, inclusive of both standard and privileged accounts and entitlements.

Learn how you can leverage the IdentityIQTM PAM Module to:

  • Establish complete 360-degree visibility and governance across all privileged accounts;
  • Automate governance controls, providing a complete view of an identity’s access and its associated privileged accounts, eliminating over-entitled users, and identifying high-risk profile identities violating access policies;
  • Speed up the delivery of provisioning and de-provisioning privileged access based on user role or lifecycle event changes; and
  • Rapidly deploy and integrate with industry-leading PAM vendors and SailPoint Identity+ Alliance members BeyondTrust, CyberArk, Lieberman, and Thycotic, who all offer SailPoint-certified PAM integrations with IdentityIQ.

Find out how SailPoint can help your organization.

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