The process of digital transformation can provide many innovative benefits – but if not properly implemented – it could potentially introduce risk. This is why leading enterprises are taking an identity focused zero trust approach.

The most effective way to maintain security and compliance in this increasingly complex and heterogeneous environment is to monitor and protect an individual’s identity. But no single vendor provides an “all-in-one” Zero Trust solution. We all know the saying that “it takes a village” and that couldn’t be more critical when it comes to securing your organization.

This interactive panel session gains insights on the latest trends and technologies from the industry’s leading identity experts including Wes Dunnington, Identity CTO East, Ping, Asanka Jayasuriya, CTO & SVP, Engineering SailPoint and Frank Briguglio, Tech Evangelist, SailPoint.

Join us as we discuss the future of identity and how these solutions can help power a best-in-class digital transformation initiative to manage and secure identities anytime, anywhere that today’s modern workforce demands.

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