November 5, 2021

Discover the key principles of Zero Trust and learn how identity security is a critical part of a Zero Trust security strategy. Go from Zero Trust to total confidence.

Video Transcript

Zero Trust is an essential part of cybersecurity and organizations around the world are moving quickly to put this critical framework in place. Zero Trust dictates that no user should automatically be trusted, whether operating inside an organization’s network or out. This means users can only gain access to resources once they’ve been fully authorized.

The vitality of a Zero Trust security model relies on the integrity of user identity data and the effectiveness of access controls, including the ability to continuously monitor and adjust those controls as needed.

SailPoint identity security helps you adopt a Zero Trust security model by giving you a 360° view of all user access, their entitlements, and attributes in real time, enabling your organization to make accurate decisions about who should have access to which resources and when. As people join the company, leave, or change roles, access information is kept up-to-date continuously.

SailPoint also enables you to enforce the rule of least privilege with automated role management, permissions and access policy logic, grant exactly the right amount of access for every single role and prevent toxic access combinations that lead to fraud or theft of data.

SailPoint keeps your Zero Trust security profile strong by giving you the ability to continuously monitor, analyze, and proactively respond to changes or new risks faster than ever.

  • Get deeper visibility into user access, including access trends, access approvals, roles, and relationships with AI driven insight.
  • Adjust access controls as your business evolves or as new threats emerge.
  • Measure the efficacy of your access controls and leverage custom workflows, APIs, and event triggers to integrate identity events seamlessly with other Zero Trust security solutions.

In today’s modern enterprise, identity security is Zero Trust security.