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Connecting the Dots Between Identity Security and Cyber Insurance

See what you’re up against and how to get ahead of it

From proactively reviewing cyber insurance coverage for gaps with outside counsel to incident response preparedness to cyber security architecture and solutions, this hour-long session will quickly hit on the things any organization can do in advance to prepare for a major ransomware attack.  Designed for cyber security professionals and risk managers alike, this session looks at lessons learned from major incidents to the current tactics of threat actors.  You’ll learn why an up-to-date asset inventory is more useful in an incident than an incident response plan, the things regulators request after an incident, and how to manage an incident response team from the outset.  

One approach you can take to having the right security protocols in place is through Identity Security. Immediately following the presentation, a panel of experts that span some of the most highly regulated industries dives into the importance of Identity Security with Zero Trust principles. This session is a must for anyone wanting to learn how to batten down the hatches to prepare for a ransomware storm.

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