As the adoption of cloud continues to grow, organizations have fallen behind in how they control access to cloud platforms including AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. While these platforms provide business agility and accelerate innovation, enterprises lack the necessary visibility and control to properly govern access to all these cloud resources. Adding to this challenge, teams are deploying applications and other workloads on top of these platforms at an unprecedented pace. Continuing to move to the cloud unchecked, organizations open themselves to data exposure, security threats, and compliance issues.

Enterprises need to have a consolidated view of access across all users, applications and data–but also of access to their cloud platforms and the workloads running on them. With SailPoint Cloud Governance you can leverage a single solution to secure cloud infrastructure. You can accelerate access decisions to sensitive cloud resources, detect potential anomalies and better enforce access policies across all users.

With SailPoint Cloud Governance your organization can:

Discover access across your cloud infrastructure including AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

Model and define consistent access policies based on roles and activities.

Manage and automate IaaS access provisioning while monitoring for inappropriate, unauthorized, and unused access.

Govern access with automated certifications and the ability to view reports with historical data for auditing and compliance.

Strengthen Governance of Cloud Infrastructure

Utilizing the power of SailPoint Identity Security with its embedded AI and machine learning technologies, you can continuously monitor, manage, control and govern access to your cloud infrastructure.

Gain visibility

By discovering all the access roles and policy types for all users and objects you can instantly discover who can access what across your complex IaaS environments. Understand access relationships and patterns for every cloud resource and improve the application of access controls in your cloud-based environments.

Control access

Centrally manage and control access to your hybrid cloud infrastructure including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. Using a visual graph to continuously map access and authorization controls to every data object and infrastructure instance.

Image of Identities Overview dashboard showing all the access user Alex has
Get real-time visibility of who has access to what.

Automate and enforce access

Automate and enforce access to cloud infrastructure with pre-defined and custom policies. Reduce the time-consuming task of managing low-risk access and ensure automated access is always granted according to policy.

Govern more intelligently

Create an access profile for every object and identity based on their unique access patterns and usage. By creating dynamic access profiles, you can detect and alert on suspicious or high-risk access

Monitor access continuously

With ever changing access patterns in cloud, it is critical to continuously monitor for high risk access to sensitive data. Use built-in guardrails and create new guardrails to continuously monitor access for policy violations.

Image of an Alerts Overview dashboard
Receive alerts on policy violations and suspicious events

Enforce least privilege and address stale access

Automate least privilege by detecting unused and stale access across cloud infrastructure and data.

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