What’s the fastest way to give secure access to your students, faculty and staff?

The answer is cloud identity governance

With an influx of new users every semester, balancing their need for immediate system access with the need for cybersecurity can be a challenge. The good news is you don’t need a large team of IT experts and a big budget to create secure access to sensitive information.


faster access approvals with automated identity processes 1


fewer cyberthreats with identity governance 1

With SailPoint cloud identity, you can easily determine who should have access to what applications and data — and then control how that access is used.

Balance your security needs with your business goals

Cloud identity is not only a cost-effective way to speed provisioning and secure sensitive data, it also brings added benefits for your users and IT team.

  • Improve user experience with self-service password reset for students, faculty and staff
  • Reduce the opportunities for data breaches by monitoring access behavior
  • Drive efficiencies with automated access approvals
  • Reduce audit risks by proving compliance to auditors

SailPoint can get you on the path to fast, secure provisioning.

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