Empower your students and staff without compromising their data

Accessing applications and data files should be easy for faculty, staff and students, but it’s also important to protect their personal information and comply with regulations like FERPA, HIPAA and GDPR. SailPoint knows exactly how to strike this balance.

We help colleges and universities control user access to all their apps and files with an easy-to-use dashboard and automated processes.

With our platform, you can make sure that access is always on and always compliant with programmed policy management that boosts security — even if your organization has limited resources.

SailPoint helps higher education institutions:

Improve user satisfaction

With password reset self-service, your staff and students won’t be locked out for long; they can reset their own passwords quickly.

Ease the burden on IT

Automate IT activities like provisioning and deprovisioning, and minimize the number of people it takes to manage your identity program.

Simplified compliance

Stay compliant with FERPA, PCI, HIPAAGDPR and improve audit performance with automated policies that review all user access rights.

Take a preventative approach

Use our machine learning and artificial intelligence insights to identify potential risk before they lead to a data breach.

Control access to your student
and faculty information

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