Reducing risk is easier than you think

Preventing data breaches has always been a challenge. But with increasing cyber attacks, rising costs and a shortage of internal cybersecurity skills, it’s even tougher today for state and local governments.


state CIOs say lack of funding is a top security challenge 1


longer to detect government data breaches due to lack of alerts 2

Fortunately, cloud-based identity governance can help you overcome these challenges. It allows your agency to easily control who has access to what information while also building the foundation for single sign-on, multi-factor authentication and privileged access management. And by safely automating user access policies, you can free up your IT team and maximize your ROI.

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With a proven track record of securing citizen data, SailPoint continues to innovate with a cloud identity platform that uses AI and machine learning to reduce the risk of inappropriate access to sensitive government and citizen data. Our solutions can help you meet cyber threats head on, even if you have limited resources.

Learn why state and local government agencies trust SailPoint’s comprehensive security platform.

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  2. Roll Call, “Government and health care sectors had most breaches in 2018,” June 4, 2019.