Shine a light on Shadow IT and SaaS access risk

Accelerated digital transformation and the widespread shift to remote work has fueled a massive growth in SaaS adoption and shadow IT. This reactive approach has left companies with overprovisioned accounts and unknown access risks.

SailPoint SaaS Management broadens your identity security visibility so you can uncover and mitigate hidden access risks due to shadow IT and over-provisioned accounts. Bring all SaaS apps under centralized management and governance to avoid toxic access combinations and security risk.:

  • Visibility: Get a complete view of your entire SaaS footprint, including any hidden apps and access.
  • Control: Start managing and governing access with policy-driven access controls.
  • Compliance: Strengthen your security and compliance stance with end-to-end identity and access strategy.

SaaS Management Explained

The risk of shadow IT and shadow access

Pie chart

30% of SaaS licenses are underutilized or unused

Bar graph

3-to-4 times more SaaS apps in use than IT is aware of

The SailPoint advantage

Uncover SaaS sprawl

Discover your entire SaaS footprint and any unauthorized or hidden applications.

Mitigate SaaS risk and improve compliance 

Start managing and governing access to all SaaS apps with policy-driven access controls. 

Increase visibility and access risk intelligence 

Continuously monitor usage and risk in real-time. 

Stop spending time on manual processes 

Automate time-consuming and error-pone processes for SaaS tracking and audit management.

SaaS Management Integrations

Unlock full visibility into your SaaS security, usage, and spend by integrating SaaS Management with your current SaaS applications.

  • Optimize Usage — Uncover valuable insights into the utilization of all your SaaS applications.
  • Strengthen Security & Compliance — Manage access and protect data privacy in real-time for your entire SaaS footprint.
  • Manage Spend — Unlock full visibility into your SaaS spend and discover every purchase in real-time.
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