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Why identity security is core to your business

Without identity security, there is no enterprise security.  

The companies who rally behind this statement are the ones who stay out of the headlines. They remain protected. They drive down risk. They drive up business agility. This creates acceleration and energy across their business. And ultimately, this empowers the entire workforce to rally behind the business, driving unprecedented success.  

Why does this matter?  

Every business deserves access to the best technology. That access fuels the business in endless ways. That access is also far too easy to be compromised. It just takes one point of access to open up loads of risk to the business.  

If you’re a CIO, CISO, head of security or identity practitioner – you collectively have a tall order on your plate and the last thing you need is to worry about “what might happen” if something goes awry. What would happen if you could “care less” about the state of security across your business?   

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting that enterprise security doesn’t matter. Quite the contrary. I am suggesting that with the right approach to enterprise security, the possibilities are endless. With identity security at the very core of enterprise security, protecting all identities, all access, all technology, all data – it suddenly becomes very easy to focus on the bigger picture. To drive the business in a secure, accelerated and empowering way. Doesn’t that sentiment feel far better than feeling like a firefighter, constantly putting out one fire after another?  

That’s exactly what we do at SailPoint. We are the firefighters, so CIOs and CISOs around the world don’t have to be. Our technology drives intelligent identity decisions. These are decisions that fuel the business. Securely. Seamlessly. Autonomously.  

All of these sentiments are captured beautifully in our new anthem video. This video embodies our brand essence and clearly articulates our value to the most sophisticated and revered enterprises around the globe.  

Behind the scenes 

Now, the brand marketer and storyteller in me can’t help but take a minute to nerd out on our “why” behind the making of this video. A video that builds on our brand evolution, which we unveiled last summer. We wanted this video to articulate the critical pillars that make SailPoint, “SailPoint.”  

First – the value we deliver to enterprise brands today: an intelligent, autonomous, integrated approach to identity security.  

Second – the impact that the core of identity security – and SailPoint – can have on the business. This feeling of empowerment and freedom to work efficiently, effectively, securely – all to the benefit of the business and bottom line, were very important sentiments to convey.  

Third – our depth of identity expertise is unmatched. We are the pioneers and inventors of identity security. We understand the nuances and complexities that go into delivering true enterprise identity security that fits the shape and speed of today’s modern enterprise.   

And finally – our core values, particularly our unending commitment to integrity. In how we care for our customers. In how we innovate. In how we deliver value. In how we hold ourselves accountable. All of that is rooted in integrity.  

The outcome: an elegantly stated and beautifully captured essence of SailPoint and the value we aspire to deliver every single day. Take a watch and see for yourself what makes SailPoint such a stand-out brand, company, and category leader.