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Welcome to the Core of Identity Security

Technology and identities are inseparable today. This inseparable connection lies at the heart of today’s modern enterprise. It drives digital transformation. It fuels business innovation. It enables the business to stay competitive. These connections are crucial to the success of the business and transformation efforts. They also represent a tremendous attack surface.   

The challenge companies face is how to protect the connection between technology and identities without compromising the power that this pairing provides. How do you protect without slowing the pace of the business? How do you empower everyone from employees to contractors and non-human bot identities to do their best, most impactful work without throwing up barriers constantly?  

These are the burning, often hard-to-answer, questions global enterprises are faced with every single day. We believe the answer to that question lies at the core of identity security. The core is the central, most important part of something, in this case – identity security.  

At its core, identity security today must be fueled by AI-driven intelligence to keep up with the velocity of change across the business and those inseparable connection points I described earlier.  The sheer volume of technology needed to keep the business running and the variety of identities that need access to that technology is enormous today. And constantly changing. The ability to properly manage and secure these connection points has more than surpassed human capacity.  

SailPoint is the core of identity security, as I just described it. We are uniquely situated to address enterprise-class identity security and all the complexities that come with it. We empower companies to make identity security core to the overall security of their business, which is core to their business transformation efforts. This ultimately puts SailPoint at the core of security and transformation for the modern enterprise.  

This fundamental belief drives our business today. It fuels the interest and demand we see from companies around the world as they recognize the criticality of identity to the overall security of their business. We are business essential today. No CIO or CISO can afford not to prioritize AI-fueled identity security – the stakes today are far too high.  

Introducing SailPoint: The Core of Identity Security 

To better showcase the value we deliver to the world’s most complex and respected brands around the world, we’ve put forth some exciting changes to how we express ourselves. Most notably, this shows up in our refreshed brand identity that celebrates the enterprise security powerhouse that we are today. This refreshed branding went live today, elegantly highlighting SailPoint as the core of identity security, the very foundation of securing the modern enterprise. In fact, you may have already spotted some of these changes in our brand if you stopped by our website today where you’ll quickly learn more about our new messaging and positioning.  

With a new color scheme that is vibrant and modern, a strong and edgy brand essence, and a reimagined company logo, the brand you see today celebrates the modern cybersecurity company we’ve evolved to. The strong lines prevalent in our branding signify structural integrity and represents the resilience needed to protect the most complex business environments worldwide.  

This has been an exciting evolution for us and also signifies a turning point for SailPoint. We are on the leading edge of identity security innovation at scale. We are the driving force behind companies fully recognizing how business essential identity security is to the secure evolution of their business. Our updated brand identity and website perfectly captures our brand essence and the significant value we provide to companies worldwide.  

With that, let me be the first to reintroduce you to SailPoint: the core of identity security.