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We Are With Our Customers Every Step of the Way

The SailPoint crew is fanatically focused on our customers’ success every step of the way. And our customers choose SailPoint because not only do we actively listen to what they need, we are also with them at every stop of their identity security journey.

We help our customers by making a tailor-made program for what works best for their security programs– jumping through and over every hoop and hurdle to get there. Our recently launched developer community to help them customize the product to fit them and their goals are a testament to that.

For most successful companies, customers always come first. But at SailPoint, it goes beyond that. Not only do we put our customers first, but we also consider them part of the SailPoint crew. My job title even reflects our commitment to our customers with “customer success” baked into every process, strategy, and goal I put in place. And it’s not just with me. Customer success is the end all be all for every member of the SailPoint crew.

This has remained our lifelong mission since the very first day we opened our doors 15 years ago. Mark is always telling the early day stories to our leadership team and crew. These stories of how we became who we are today making us stronger. Make us better. Having tenure in the identity governance and administration stomping grounds gives us a leg up to the other guys, and it shows.

That’s why I am beyond grateful to our customers who shared their stories as part of Gartner’s Peer Reviews program. In the last two years, we have received the Customer’s Choice designation in Gartner’s report—and in both cases received the highest number of reviews than any of the others in our category. Of note, in 2020 SailPoint was the only vendor to receive this ‘Customers’ Choice’ recognition and has once again received the designation this year.

With the high number of reviews received this year (179 reviews to be exact) coupled with the strength of our ratings and breadth of enterprises who came forward to share their honest feedback with Gartner, helped us to achieve the Customers’ Choice distinction.

I can only assume that the main reason we can garner so many reviews is that our customers want to show up for us as much as we show up for them. No matter what. Great reviews aside, we show up for each other even for any hiccups that pop up because, of course, there is always something unexpected.

But that’s security, always something unexpected, and that’s what makes us the best enterprise identity security company out there. We have hand-picked our crew, who can show up when it counts the most. Full stop. And our customers know that they can count on us.

We have spent long days, weeks, months, and years upon years working hard to ensure our customers’ success. We follow through on our promises to each customer – leading with impact, one of the pillars of our ‘Four I’s’ culture. I chose impact as one of our values to highlight in this case for a special reason.

Our customers are looking for a real impact on their identity security program. They choose SailPoint because we will take them to the next generation of enterprise identity security. They are very much choosing us for our current breadth and depth and for what we’ll deliver to them in the next several years as we continue to make pivots and changes to meet their changing needs as the race to the cloud continues to heat up.

This distinction is a welcomed reminder that SailPoint is not just in the business of identity security for the cloud enterprise; we’re in the business of delivering identity security success for our customers every single day. A huge thank you from the entire SailPoint Crew to our customers. Let’s continue walking in lockstep on this identity security journey together. It’s the SailPoint way.

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