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Share Your Ideas with SailPoint

Streaming giant Netflix started in 1997 to humble beginnings. First, the company offered DVD rentals you could get by mail. Always the innovators, and realizing that snail mail wasn’t it, Netflix dropped this practice and started focusing their attention on creating their owned content available by streaming. While this was a great move for Netflix, all this content was too much to handle for the customer. Anyone else remember this SNL skit about the endless scroll? Netflix listened to their customers and created a recommendation engine based on previous watch history. Netflix now has an 80% stream time thanks to personalization. This was a huge win for Netflix because they listened to their customer base, and they have the numbers to show for it.

This is a great example of the power of listening, and while the voice of the customer is always SailPoint’s #1 priority, putting a more formal and transparent process in place to listen in real-time is finally here. We want our customers, crew, and partners alike to share their light bulb moments with us. I am pleased to share SailPoint’s implementation of the Ideas Portal— where customers, the SailPoint crew, and partners are encouraged to share ideas, observations and even vote on product updates and modifications.

Here’s how it will work:

1. Explain the problem—is there something in the product that could be better?

2. Tell us the business value—if this issue is solved, would it be time saved, better security, or a user experience?

3. Propose a solution—if there is a solution, let us know. The product team will take this into account when designing a feature. If a solution isn’t top of mind, that is not a problem either. SailPoint’s amazing product team dreams up answers every day.

Innovation can come from anywhere, and I am looking forward to seeing ideas come from our SailPoint community. Let us know what you think!

Visit: to join the conversation!