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SailPoint Navigate 2023 and Foster Village partnership

This year marked our eleventh year for our annual Navigate conference. Filled with exciting product announcements, innovative ideas and insightful guest speakers, Navigate 2023 was one for the books. But what made this year’s event even more special was our partnership with Foster Village

You might be wondering, what is Foster Village? It is a local Austin organization that bridges the gap between those experiencing foster care and those who want to help, meeting practical needs and providing holistic support beyond the system. They accomplish this through three main pillars:  

  • Equipping caregivers with support 
  • Connecting families 
  • Advocating for community 

These pillars resonate with the SailPoint crew, especially as we strongly believe in living our values: thinking bigger and doing better daily. So, what better way to combine the two by incorporating a giving-back component onsite at Navigate Austin? This year, we had an activity station set up so Navigate attendees (SailPoint employees, customers, and partners) could stop by in between keynotes and breakout sessions to help build 300 sensory kits! Did you know that 80% of children experiencing foster care have sensory processing challenges? The kits we built at Navigate included multiple sensory toys for the children and foster families that help the foster families meet the children where they are and create a safe and comfortable environment where the children can regulate and focus their energy. 

In addition to building sensory kits, attendees wrote letters of encouragement to the foster families. And, with the support of Navigate attendees, we cleared almost 70 items from Foster Village’s Amazon Wish List to provide additional supplies to the children and families they serve. Seeing the results and participation from this event is a testament to the community we have in and surrounding SailPoint. We believe in bringing out the best in one another in an exciting, collaborative, caring, and fun environment, and that’s exactly what we accomplished with this partnership. 

SailPoint has had long-lasting relationships with non-profits such as Foundation Communities, Habitat for Humanity, and Code2College, and we are always looking to expand and add new partnerships in the local community. As we continue to grow a more global footprint with our events, our goal is to “leave every city better than we found it,” and we feel very fortunate to have made a difference for Foster Village this past Navigate. 

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