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SailPoint Customer Success

At SailPoint, we aren’t worried about making our customers happy. That sounds crazy, right? Let me explain. We aren’t worried about making our customers happy because we are so focused on making sure they are successful.

When most people think of customer success, they think of customer sentiment; are my customers happy? But, at SailPoint, our primary measure of customer success is really about driving outcomes: Are our customers successfully adopting our technology and achieving their goals? This requires consistent, transparent, and open dialogue from the beginning. In other words, no false promises on what outcomes we can—and will—deliver.

And lastly, but certainly not least, it requires listening to not just praise but critical feedback. One thing I’m incredibly proud of is how SailPoint has encouraged our customers to maintain open dialogue not just with us but in their conversations with peers as well. Alongside our customers, we have built a community of nearly 100K members who actively engage with each other and discuss what is working and what is not. That kind of transparency makes room for idea sharing, trust, and ultimately helps move the industry forward as we aim to secure the modern enterprise.

Customers First
In addition to focusing on our customer’s success, at SailPoint, our customers are people first.

That simple understanding is what drives our customer-first culture at SailPoint. Customer success is not a department within an organization, it’s a mindset and it’s in our DNA. Every single person at SailPoint plays an important role in our customers’ experience, and that sets us apart in the industry today.

Industry advancement
Another way we are doing that is through Identity University. We have long believed in the importance of providing customers and partners with direct access to industry-leading education to broaden their identity security skill set and knowledge. Recently, the company furthered this mission by opening Identity University, SailPoint’s industry-leading online training and certification platform, for public enrollment. By opening these resources to the public, SailPoint is fostering a collaborative community for customers, partners and identity security professionals to work together to advance the collective industry forward.

As I mentioned above, don’t just take my word for it, see what our customers have to say.