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Your sneak peek into Navigate 2023

Navigate 2023 is not just another event to consider attending—it’s the event for identity security professionals. Since 2012, SailPoint customers and partners have come to expect a gathering where industry pioneers, leaders and even newcomers converge to share the deepest level of identity security knowledge, expertise, and vision around what’s […]

KuppingerCole reviews SailPoint’s Non-Employee Risk Management solution 

Authored by Mike Conti, Product Marketing Manager Leonardo da Vinci once said, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”    So, when KuppingerCole’s Executive View report stated that SailPoint’s Non-Employee Risk Management is “…a simple package that does a good job of managing non-employee identities”, we were ecstatic.    Why? Simplicity wins in the […]

5 things your company can do to build an award-winning culture

Humility is built into the very fabric of SailPoint’s DNA. We live by the philosophy, “humble, hungry, and smart.” But here’s the thing: Every now and then something comes up that makes us want to humble brag just a little.   So here it goes: This year, SailPoint has been recognized […]

Five breakout sessions you can’t miss at Navigate 2023

When it comes to discussing the frontier of identity security, Navigate 2023 is the place to be. This year, we’re rolling out an unprecedented lineup of speakers featuring industry titans, visionary technologists, and security experts who will challenge your thinking and reshape your understanding of identity security. These sessions are […]

Our identity security journey: Transforming opportunity to impact

SailPoint has defined the modern identity security space. SailPoint’s first product allowed organizations to attest that access was correct, for compliance reasons. We soon added the ability to provision and deprovision access, which improved compliance but also boosted productivity. Five years ago, we began to invest in artificial intelligence—before it […]

What is the SailPoint Identity Hub?

We get it, identity security can be confusing. With so much information readily available, it’s hard to discern what information is accurate, and what information is trustworthy. That’s why we have created the Identity Hub.  SailPoint’s Identity Hub was created with one goal in mind: to deliver the go-to place […]

Ready, set, accelerate: Navigate 2023 agenda in Austin, TX, announced  

Navigate 2023 is just months away and the SailPoint crew is buzzing with excitement.   Kicking off in Austin, TX, on October 9, our annual conference will center on exploring the next frontier of identity security. What do we mean by that? Well, identity security is in a state of constant […]

Large language models: What’s under the hood? 

SailPoint is always looking for new technologies that can help us improve our products and better serve our customers. One area that has gained significant traction in recent years—and has been attracting mainstream attention in recent months—is Large Language Models (LLMs). In this blog, we’ll delve into LLMs: defining them, […]

SailPoint’s Sail-U: The ultimate crash course for young professionals

It’s a Thursday afternoon, and crew members across SailPoint are shuffling in – virtually and at our Austin, Texas, headquarters – for an event three weeks in the making. The team is getting ready to watch a cohort of new SailPoint crew members deliver their “Project Innovation” pitches – the […]

How identity security can be a business accelerator

In a previous blog, I talked about a couple of “forcing functions” that dramatically increased the relevance and criticality of identity security in securing the modern enterprise. The most obvious was the pandemic and in short succession, the significant acceleration in a trend that we saw percolating within the enterprise […]