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What Kirigami Can Teach Us About Identity

The paper people chain, or Kirigami, has been a staple at our kids’ craft table for years. Originally made as an offering for the gods in 17th century Japan, the art form made its way stateside in the 70s—mainly parents like me sitting with their children at the kitchen table […]

Let’s All Sail On

In my blog last week, I shared some examples of how our #SailPointCrew is lifting one another up during this very ‘unprecedented’ time. Our #SAILon initiative continues with tremendous steam and I am proud to share the following video with you.  At times both uplifting and inspiring, it’s an incredible montage […]

Trust Issues Podcast: Headlines 4/11/2020

This week on Trust Issues: an Apple webcam bug, the latest scams in the Coronavirus pandemic and an update on Zoom. Listen in below, or subscribe on iTunes to get your weekly dose of cybersecurity news delivered right to your phone.

Sandy Dunn: Everyone has a cybersecurity ‘superpower’

We recently met with Sandy Dunn, CISO at Blue Cross of Idaho and an adjunct professor of cybersecurity at Boise State University. Sandy brings more than 20 years of experience in the technology industry as well as an interesting and winding career path to her current role in cybersecurity. Her […]

SailPoint’s Fast Federation (FastFed) SDK Released!

Today, SailPoint is proud to announce the release of two MIT licensed, open-source SDKs that implement the current FastFed specification.  As of this blog post, the implementer’s draft has just recently been submitted and is awaiting approval. You can find the source at  For those, like myself, with short […]

SailPoint Extends Collaboration Efforts with Microsoft

With today’s tenuous situation it is more critical than ever for organizations to move forward with their digital transformation initiatives. It’s no longer when but how quickly I can get there.  As organizations deal with rapidly deploying business continuity plans, enabling remote workers, quickly provisioning users’ access to new applications […]

Three Questions with SailPoint’s Director of Digital Marketing and Web, Maxine Eiland

Maxine Eiland (pronounced island) is a force to be reckoned with. Driven, passionate, and quick on her feet, Maxine knows how to get the job done when it comes to all things digital and web. It was about time we featured her in our “Women in Identity” series. We got […]

Enabling Workforce Continuity—It’s Time to Rethink Identity

Between the massive digital transformation efforts already pushing organizations to their edges and external forces we cannot control, it’s imperative to ensure your workflow can continue with as little to no disruption as possible. When it comes to providing the sustainability of the workforce, it comes down to ensuring that […]

Sail On

I have heard the word “unprecedented” used daily over the last few weeks and it’s no surprise why.  COVID-19 literally changed the world overnight and most likely will continue to do so, I expect, for some time ahead. With all of this uncertainty, many of us have faced some new […]

Best Practices for Infusing Identity Governance into your ServiceNow Implementation

I think that we can all agree that it is more important than ever for organizations to empower their users with the right access, when they need it, where they need it, and of course securely.  Those however can be challenging and even conflicting statements.  With the overwhelming amount of […]