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Introducing SailPoint Data Access Security: Intelligently govern and secure critical data  

Authored by Eric Zimmermann, Product Marketing Manager

Data is the lifeblood of modern enterprises. Think confidential customer insights, financial models, operational data, software code, trade secrets, and various other forms of sensitive intellectual property. As more data is created, shared, and stored, the potential attack surface grows – leaving companies exposed to increased risk when not properly governed and secured. 

That’s why we’re introducing SailPoint Data Access Security. This modern cloud-based data access governance solution empowers organizations to discover, govern, and secure critical unstructured data as an integral part of SailPoint Identity Security Cloud. The new offering accelerates the work of identity security teams by proactively discovering hidden data access risks and keeping critical information safe. From a single pane of glass, organizations now have a comprehensive approach to governing access to applications, systems, and business-critical data. 

Uncover hidden data risks and minimize attack surface from day one 

SailPoint’s Data Access Security discovery and classification capabilities enable organizations to easily find critical unstructured data, classify high-risk information, and holistically protect these assets and business-critical information. From an integrated identity security platform, organizations get improved visibility and actionable intelligence on the data access threat landscape across the organization.  

Using the permissions analysis capabilities, admins can quickly identify areas of inadequate controls or over-permissive access – and take the necessary governance action on those insights to lock down critical data access. Identity security teams now have an added layer of fine-grained detail on individual access to ensure only the right people have the right access to critical data sources when needed – and nothing more.  

View and analyze permissions to uncover hidden risk and over-permissive access

Streamline identity security and data access governance efforts  

See insights on critical data access to enable reviewers to make data-backed decisions and minimize risk

We recognize that juggling multiple point solutions across the security ecosystem creates unnecessary complexity. Knowing where critical data is, who has access, and how it’s being used is essential – but being able to easily act on that information is what delivers lasting improvements in security posture.  

With SailPoint’s Data Access Security’s new insights on critical data, that information is now delivered directly inside SailPoint Identity Security Cloud. Identity security admins and access reviewers receive enhanced detail on who has access to exactly what type of critical data to make data-backed governance decisions.  

Strengthen identity and data security posture – and track security goals  

Track critical data access and monitor risk from a centralized dashboard

The integration of Data Access Security with MySailPoint surfaces the most critical data insights for admins, streamlines governance efforts, and reduces information silos. Ensure key decision-makers are informed with actionable insights and up-to-date reporting to understand risks and prioritize security initiatives. Know where your most critical data is, who has access, and how that information is being used and shared.  

With the ability to intelligently discover, govern, and secure critical unstructured data and information, Data Access Security accelerates your identity security journey. Streamline governance processes, save valuable time, and minimize the risk of unwarranted data access and breach in an uncertain world.  

The result: reduced attack surface and comprehensive governance that scales as your business evolves.   

Ready to take control of your critical data? 

Learn more about the comprehensive benefits of SailPoint Data Access Security or get a demo to see the solution in action.