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Friday Quick-Take: The Water Cooler Version of SailPoint’s Leadership in the Latest Industry Analyst Report

Pop the Waterloo sparkling water (we are big fans at the SailPoint HQ) or the real-deal bubbles, depending on what part of the world you are in, because we are celebrating this week! Recently, the SailPoint Crew (if you’re new here, that is what we like to call ourselves) was named Overall Leader in KuppingerCole’s Leadership Compass Identity as a Service-Identity Governance and Administration […]

Identity Discombobulated – Reorienting Identity in the Enterprise

Authored by Gary Savarino, Identity Strategist APAC Identity is not a new concept. Since the invention of the ‘digital identity,’ organizations have been tackling the challenges of identity with various approaches for decades. Identity capabilities, often generically categorized as Identity and Access Management (IAM) or Identity Management (IDM), represent multiple […]

Finding the Needles (Shadow IT) in the Haystack

Authored by Barak Kaufman The explosion of SaaS continues and has become a major challenge for enterprise security teams. Organizations now store nearly all of their most sensitive corporate data in cloud applications.   Additionally, the use of shadow SaaS applications (hidden from IT) is a widespread issue. According to SailPoint’s research, most organizations have 3.5-4x more SaaS apps in use by employees than the IT & Security teams are aware of.  Each one of these SaaS applications introduces new […]

Correlated Identities from IDN within CAM

Authored by Doug Fierro A fundamental question we have been helping customers with for years is also a very basic one: who has access to what? This includes access to environments, applications, systems, and repositories across the IT landscape from an IT perspective. This was not a simple task before […]

Can You Prevent Access Risks Before They Happen?

Authored by Alex Gambill Preventing access risks is like building defenses for a castle. There are ramparts that form a perimeter and a moat to deter invaders because it’s a lot easier to keep enemies out than to remove them once they’re in. Trying to rid a system of risks after threats have been detected is analogous to building a moat around a castle after the enemy is inside.  We can think of identity security as the moat that forces users through a checkpoint that controls entry. User identification is the most relevant security […]

What if Identity Security and Access Management Didn’t Exist?

Authored by Karen Kelvie, Partner Marketing at Thales, and Taylor Wiggins, Product Marketing Manager – Technology Alliance at SailPoint In the world of tech, we love to future gaze. But while imagining potential new developments is exciting, it can be equally helpful to think about the reverse: How would things […]

SailPoint Selected for NIST Zero Trust Implementation Project to Mitigate National Cybersecurity Risk

Authored by Frank Briguglio, CISSP | SailPoint Public Sector Strategist Digital transformation and IT modernization are increasing the adoption of cloud data and applications at a pace never seen before. Now, our borders are open to remote users and non-traditional mission partners, which have dissolved traditional network boundaries rendering them ineffective.  Today, to be secure, we must implement other methods: zero trust is a concept and paradigm shift in how we think […]

No Time to Spy: GCHQ Issues Its 10 Steps to Cyber Security

Authored by Stephen Bradford, SVP EMEA, SailPoint It was in GoldenEye that ‘M’ (a very modern incarnation played by Judi Dench), derided Bond as a ‘relic of the Cold War’ and a ‘dinosaur.’ Her sobriquet of Bond is likely something he wore with pride but let’s face it—the Bond incarnations […]

Questions are Free: Identity Compromised

On this episode of Mistaken Identity, Mike Kiser is joined by Katherine Teitler, VP of Research and Advisory at TAG Cyber. Her recent research illustrates the shifting role of identity—from an IT process to a foundational approach for security. While that’s the starting point, the conversation roams into disinformation, “sources of […]

Identity Security: Three Big Opportunities for Utility Providers

Authored by: Casey Herman, PwC Partner, ESG Leader; Brad Bauch, PwC Principal, Advisory; and David Manks, SailPoint Technology Alliances & Partner Marketing If there was any doubt about the importance of cybersecurity in the utility industry, one needs simply to look at the recent news. Already this year, there have […]