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Voices of experience: choosing the right technology partner for modern enterprise 

What does it take to become a great technology partner of a modern enterprise organization?

At SailPoint we believe every team—from account teams to product management, to engineering to post-sale support and customer success—must work together to ensure every single customer achieves its objectives and realizes value faster. 

But we don’t stop there. We asked SailPoint customers what they believe makes a great partner and trusted advisor. Here is a summary of what we heard:

Enterprises often rely on experts who can adapt quickly to the complex and ever-evolving enterprise environment. This is where technology partners come in. A great partner will listen attentively to understand your specific enterprise needs before proposing alternative solutions. And, perhaps most importantly, all of the customers agreed technology partners need to deliver a robust technology solution that drives efficiencies, flexibility, and scalability.

Watch the full video to hear why enterprises chose SailPoint.

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