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Voices of experience: real-world examples of why investing in identity security pays off

Considering investing in identity security? You’ll likely want to hear from others like you that have walked that path before.

We agree that there’s no better source than to hear real-world examples from your peers, so we asked customers what impact they see from partnering with SailPoint and what they have been able to achieve with identity security.

IT leaders across multiple industries shared the benefits they’ve gained from deploying SailPoint solutions, such as:

  • Operational transformation and cost savings: Automation shifts operations from manual, time-consuming processes to streamlined workflows, reducing operational costs and providing a significant return on investment. Onboarding and offboarding tasks that used to take days are now a matter of hours or even minutes. 
  • Better insights and informed decision-making: SailPoint offers businesses a comprehensive understanding of who operates within the organization and what are they doing. This heightened visibility not only strengthens security measures but also enables informed decisions at all levels.
  • Strategic focus and integration: By taking care of the platform management, user experience and automation, SailPoint helps IT to move away from routine tasks and customization towards more valuable projects and strategic initiatives. Integration with other applications enhances the platform’s flexibility, fostering a unified approach to identity security.

But don’t take our word for it. Watch the video to hear more directly from our customers.

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