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SailPoint’s new Customer Success Center: A look inside 

Author: Christopher Caruso, VP, Customer Success 

We are thrilled to announce the initial launch of SailPoint’s Customer Success Center (CSC), marking a new chapter in our commitment to enhancing the digital customer experience. This launch represents the first phase of an ongoing journey to develop a comprehensive customer experience platform that adapts and grows based on customer feedback and the changing needs of the market. 

Vision and purpose of the customer success center 
With the Customer Success Center’s launch, SailPoint continues to ensure that every customer success interaction is streamlined, every resource is impactful, and every customer is empowered to achieve their strategic objectives with unparalleled support and expertise. 

Positioned within our Compass Community, the Customer Success Center is tailored to equip both new and existing customers with strategic resources that streamline their experiences and enhance their operational effectiveness. 

Our goal is to empower customers with innovative, self-service tools and comprehensive strategic guidance. The resources available at launch are just the starting point. As we gather feedback and learn from customers’ experiences, these tools will be refined to more effectively support our customers’ journeys in identity security. We are committed to using this launch as a learning phase, where every interaction will help to shape its future. 

Initial features and tools 
To begin, we have introduced several key features, such as the Customer Success Onboarding Guide and Success Planning Guide. These guides are designed to provide immediate support and guidance for all customers throughout their journey with SailPoint. 

Our onboarding guide includes interactive tours of our digital communities, strategic resources designed to help customers craft their identity security program strategy, and the ability to engage our Customer Success team for personalized onboarding sessions. By facilitating smoother onboarding and continuous learning, the Customer Success Center enables customers to quickly adapt and excel in their identity security initiatives. 

The Success Planning Guide invites customers to collaborate with our Customer Success team to create tailored, actionable success plans focused on achieving their strategic goals and program milestones. 

Join us on this journey 
As we look to the future, our commitment to digital customer success remains unwavering. We plan to continuously enhance the Customer Success Center with even more advanced tools and resources, ensuring it evolves to meet the changing needs of our customers and the dynamics of the market. 

The Customer Success Center is more than just a resource; it is a partnership. We encourage you to engage with the Center, explore its initial offerings, and actively contribute to its growth. Your feedback will be instrumental in shaping a center that truly supports your needs and enhances your experience with SailPoint. 

Together, let’s redefine what customer success looks like in the digital landscape. 

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