6 Can’t Miss Customer Sessions at Navigate Virtual

The best way to learn is by example and through experience. This year, SailPoint is bringing you customer sessions chock-full of great tips and tricks for a solid identity management program. The customer sessions will give you a behind the scenes look into SailPoint customer’s identity journeys, and you will walk […]

Three steps to start your Navigate Virtual Adventure

SailPoint’s first virtual conference is around the corner. We are thrilled to host you in the next few days, but in the meantime, we want to give you a lay of the land ahead of the event. Virtual conferences are new territory for a lot of us. We chose a […]

Choose Your Own Adventure with Navigate Virtual 2020

Follow @GradyS What is your cybersecurity character? Are you an identity management expert who keeps up with the latest trends, or are you new to the space and need some help navigating the vast ocean that is security (see what I did there…)? In the next couple of weeks, SailPoint welcomes all skill […]

Your Workforce Has Changed, So Must Your Identity Strategy

No organization could have foreseen the drastic impact the current pandemic has had on their business. With the economy roaring along just a few months ago, the look of today’s workforce couldn’t be further from reality—but it’s now become the new normal, and organizations need to adjust their identity strategy […]

Remote is the new normal: Enable workers, not hackers

Hackers never sleep, and during this time of uncertainty, there’s no playbook or blueprint to arm against them. The world has changed, and so has your business. The rapid transition to remote working presents major challenges for IT and employees. Globally, 70% of professionals work remotely at least one day […]

Trust Issues Podcast: Headlines 4/17/2020

This week on Trust Issues: more video conferencing woes, election cybersecurity during a pandemic and how Dutch police stopped a DDOS attacker. Listen in below, or subscribe on Apple Podcasts to get your weekly dose of cybersecurity news delivered right to your phone.

Let’s All Sail On

In my blog last week, I shared some examples of how our #SailPointCrew is lifting one another up during this very ‘unprecedented’ time. Our #SAILon initiative continues with tremendous steam and I am proud to share the following video with you.  At times both uplifting and inspiring, it’s an incredible montage […]

Trust Issues Podcast: Headlines 4/11/2020

This week on Trust Issues: an Apple webcam bug, the latest scams in the Coronavirus pandemic and an update on Zoom. Listen in below, or subscribe on iTunes to get your weekly dose of cybersecurity news delivered right to your phone.

SailPoint Extends Collaboration Efforts with Microsoft

With today’s tenuous situation it is more critical than ever for organizations to move forward with their digital transformation initiatives. It’s no longer when but how quickly I can get there.  As organizations deal with rapidly deploying business continuity plans, enabling remote workers, quickly provisioning users’ access to new applications […]

Sail On

I have heard the word “unprecedented” used daily over the last few weeks and it’s no surprise why.  COVID-19 literally changed the world overnight and most likely will continue to do so, I expect, for some time ahead. With all of this uncertainty, many of us have faced some new […]