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6 key highlights from Identity Governance Summit

On-demand sessions discussing the state of government identity security

Government agencies need to automate and modernize identity security programs and processes to keep up with today’s accelerating modern digital age. The recent virtual summit covers quality identity security content from federal, defense, state, and local public sector leaders.

Discover how to boost operational efficiency, simplify compliance, and reduce cybersecurity risks. Sessions leaders break-down critical insight into building a secure enterprise, a foundation for zero trust, and advance audit readiness. Learn about an identity security maturity assessment, Zero Trust, IGA, ILM, and AI time-savers. Here are some key highlights from the sessions:

  1. Horizons of Identity Security: This session revealed key findings from the Horizons of Identity Security report. Hear SailPoint’s own CISO Heather Gantt-Evans discuss how agencies are progressing through higher levels of identity security. Learn how to gauge the maturity level of your identity security program, where government typically falls on the scale, and what can be done to build a more secure and user-friendly experience.
  2. Exclusive conversation with DISA’s Lt. Gen. Robert Skinner: Lt. General Skinner covers how DISA is utilizing emerging technologies – like AI, ML and RPA to help secure and optimize DoD networks. Listen to how he is leveraging DoD and information across industry and academia to improve operations and achieve mission results. Skinner unpacks how people want more flexibility and breaks down what it means to risk managed vs risk adverse.
  3. Zero Trust, Auditability, and Identity Governance: Deloitte discusses how to leverage identity attributes and identity governance to support dynamic access in a zero-trust environment and meet auditability needs for privileged users. Understand how ICAM and identity security work together, how to streamline provisioning access, and when to use roles vs attributes.
  4. ILM (Identity Lifecycle Management Playbook): Listen to Kenneth Myers, Director of the Identity Assurance and Trusted Access Division, Office of Government-wide Police, General Services Administration explain the ILM playbook and what it means for identity security. Learn about four implementation steps and the differences in managing an identity-centric lifecycle vs a credential-centric lifecycle.
  5. PAM and IGA: Goes Together Like Peanut Butter and Jelly: SailPoint and Beyond Trust discuss deployment challenges, evolving government mandates and regulations, IT modernization, and Zero Trust. Hear how an integrated identity security and privileged user access management strategy provides a complete view of user’s access.
  6. AI and Analytics (Demystifying Identity Security Automation): This session reveals how identity security cannot be solved by humans alone and the critical need for AI (artificial intelligence) over manual processes. Learn about the 5 Tenets of Access Entitlement Management and how you can make a better-informed decision for a more effective way of doing governance.

Meet your identity security mission objectives.
To access the full on-demand sessions, visit then request a meeting at [email protected].