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Introducing Developer Days 2023

Developer Days 2023, our inaugural conference for developers, is happening March 7th-9th! First time hearing about Developer Days? We thought we’d give you some information to prepare for the best conference experience. Below are tips and tricks to getting the most out of your experience at Developer Days 2023. 

Who is presenting at Developer Days? 

Developer Days is made up of SailPoint contributions and contributions from the Developer Community! You’ll see presentations from our Developer Relations team, Product Management, Engineering, Professional Services, and more! You’ll find contributions from your fellow Developer Community members—partners and customers, IdentityNow and IdentityIQ alike! 

Who is attending Developer Days? 

No matter what your official title is – if you are building experiences for your users on our identity platforms, we consider you a developer. If you’re using APIs, building connectors, or trying to build identity solutions that scale—we consider you a SailPoint Developer, and we hope you’ll attend! 

Don’t consider yourself a developer? Maybe you’re a CISO, Director, or VP? Developer Days is for you too! See what’s possible on SailPoint’s platforms and hear from the experts building and implementing great solutions to real-world problems. 

What will be covered at Developer Days? 

Our Developer Days agenda will cover a wide range of topics across both IdentityNow and IdentityIQ, but the one theme across all subjects and products is clear: extensibility. Virtually all sessions cover extending your product beyond what comes out of the box to solve common use cases and some of your most unique ones, and you may find inspiration for new use cases you haven’t discovered yet!  

Where is Developer Days taking place? 

Developer Days is an entirely free, all-virtual event that will take place right in SailPoint’s Developer Community! The conference will start at 9:00 AM CT (GMT -6) on March 7. 

How can I participate in the conference? 

Join the Developer Days Discord server! We wanted to create an interactive chat experience for developers in our community, and by popular demand, we’ve provided a Discord server for you to join for the event chat. You can join the server at Not interested in creating a Discord account? Not to worry, you can chat live on the conference page on the event days without creating an account! 

Every session will also be associated with a unique Developer Community topic that can be found on the agenda and on the conference page while their session is live. Post-conference, you can ask the speaker(s) questions, request access to the presentations, code, other files they have presented in their session, and more.