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Coming to a city near you: Horizons of identity security workshops

Is your identity security program mature enough to combat today’s cybersecurity threats and keep up with the constant demand for operational efficiency and continuous innovation?  

Identity security is business essential for modern enterprises. But the ability to do it efficiently and effectively has moved well beyond human capacity. Identities go far beyond user credentials — today’s enterprises need to secure machine identities, employees, contractors and temporary workers, partners, and more.  

However, our global survey found that nearly half of businesses are just beginning to address identity security. The costs of inaction here are high and include losses in productivity, enormous regulatory fines, lost revenue, and reputational damages. These findings (and others), outlined in our recent research report, ‘The Horizons of Identity,’ reveal the current state of the identity security industry while outlining the five horizons organizations move through as they adopt and mature their approach to identity security over time. 

Inspired by that report, we’re kicking off half-day, Identity Day: Horizons of identity security workshops. These in-person events will debut in Boston on April 13 and include stops across North America and Europe. 

By attending these interactive workshops, you will discover the five Horizons of identity security, assess the maturity of your organization’s identity programs, and identify gaps to start your identity security transformation. There will be opportunities to hear best practices from your peers and partners and engage in a business value assessment discussion.  

There is a huge opportunity to improve your security posture and resilience as you advance through your identity journey. As the study demonstrates, each jump to the next maturity horizon increases value for the business through cost reduction, efficiency, productivity gains, improved compliance, more seamless digital and organizational transformation, and higher levels of automation. 

Register for a workshop below and secure your seat today: