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A guide to SailPoint Identity Security Cloud

In 2022, SailPoint set the bar for identity security with the introduction of the SailPoint Identity Security Cloud. Since that day hundreds of organizations have not only met or exceeded compliance requirements but secured millions of identities and access all from a unified AI-powered identity solution.

Today, SailPoint is again raising the identity security bar with the introduction of a third suite and key enhancements to the existing Business and Business Plus suites. This announcement shows SailPoint’s continued commitment to building the industry’s leading identity security platform and giving customers the best solution for success.

What is the SailPoint Identity Security Cloud?
SailPoint Identity Security Cloud is the unified solution organizations need at every stage of their identity security journey. With each Identity Security Cloud suite, you have the clarity of knowing what components you need to tackle the identity problems you have today with the flexibility to grow and address problems as they evolve in the future. It’s a less complex modern approach to identity security.

What updates are we announcing with the SailPoint Identity Security Cloud?
Managing and securing access is an ever-evolving job with new regulatory requirements, new systems and applications, and new threats emerging every day. That is why having the right identity security solution that solves problems—no matter your organizational size or requirements—is more critical than ever. 

To help organizations at the onset of their identity security journey to consolidate, visualize, and manage their identity security requirements we’ve introduced SailPoint Identity Security Cloud Standard. The Standard suite is built for organizations that are either just starting their identity security journey or want to consolidate disparate systems and processes into a unified solution. 

SailPoint Identity Security Cloud Standard provides the necessary tools to build a centralized identity and access management experience across the enterprise, streamline processes and increase visibility into the access of critical applications to meet regulatory compliance.

In addition, because SailPoint Identity Security Cloud is built on SailPoint Atlas, organizations can easily grow and expand their identity program as their needs increase or take on new identity challenges without the need for costly redesign or re-architecture.

What product modules are included in SailPoint Identity Security Cloud?
The SailPoint Identity Security Cloud suites (Standard, Business, and Business Plus) include many capabilities that are grouped into four key “product modules” that are essential to a scalable identity security program.

  • Access Modeling: Create and implement access roles that fit organizational needs for better security.
  • Lifecycle Management: Automate and manage the identity lifecycle from day one and beyond for greater efficiency.
  • Compliance Management: Streamline identity processes and strengthen governance controls.
  • Analytics: Gain deeper visibility and insights into identity data to make better decisions faster.

Are we making enhancements to the existing Business and Business Plus suites?
Yes! We have made enhancements to both SailPoint Identity Security Cloud Business and Business Plus:

How do your other products work with SailPoint Identity Security Cloud?
SailPoint Identity Security Cloud delivers the essentials for most organizations’ identity security needs. SailPoint also offers add-on products for specific use cases.

Is SailPoint Atlas different from SailPoint Identity Security Cloud?
SailPoint Atlas is our unified, multi-tenant SaaS platform. It serves as the foundation for SailPoint Identity Security Cloud solutions (Standard, Business & Business Plus.) It includes the critical services enterprises must have to build a strong identity security program. Existing Standard, Business and Business Plus customers will benefit from the common services that make up Atlas.

Where can I find more information about the SailPoint Identity Security Cloud?
Visit SailPoint Identity Security Cloud and Standard, Business, & Business Plus pages on our website for more information.