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Unleash the power of identity security: A guide to SailPoint Atlas

Authored by Jaishree Subramania, Vice President of Product Marketing

If you’re ready to expand your identity security journey, you’ve come to the right place. The goal of this blog is to arm you with information you can use to better understand the compelling and tangible benefits of SailPoint Atlas. This is not new. This announcement of the platform with an exciting new name brings together the key services to provide unique insights driven by rich identity context, access activity intelligence, and embedded AI technology to run identity security programs at a global scale. 

What is SailPoint Atlas? 

SailPoint Atlas is the next-generation multi-tenant SaaS platform that supports identity security for the modern enterprise today and tomorrow. Serving as the foundation for SailPoint Identity Security Cloud, Atlas delivers the critical elements needed to build, maintain, and scale a strong, enterprise-class, identity security program. 

Why are we announcing SailPoint Atlas?  

Identity security is in a state of constant evolution and rapid growth to meet the changing needs of the modern enterprise. The future is now, and with the increasing complexity of identities and the proliferation of critical applications, systems, and data, companies require an identity security platform that meets them where they are. Identity will blur boundaries between enterprise identity controls and external identity ecosystems. It will act as a pillar of an organization’s broader innovation strategy and be a foundation on which organizational risk depends. In short, it’s a cloud world, and Atlas helps you navigate it.  

We are introducing SailPoint Atlas – our platform and its associated extensibility and AI that enables rapid development and integration of new capabilities and acquired products and technologies, improved integration into customer environments, and increased stickiness. SailPoint Atlas is a robust platform that powers identity security across the modern enterprise with deep configuration, comprehensive insights, cross-product and extensible value along with new levels of productivity and security. 

What are the “common services” that make up SailPoint Atlas?  

Today, SailPoint offers a host of common services that fall into six key categories. From workflows for automation, policies for control, a seamless connectivity fabric, consistent APIs, and a comprehensive data layer, Atlas delivers a powerful, unified approach to manage and secure identity security for the modern enterprise.  

  • Extensibility: An extensibility framework that enables deep configuration across security systems empowering customers to easily thread identity security across their ecosystem 
  • Personalized insights & reporting: Personalized action-oriented insights & reporting that put the most important identity information at the fingertips of administrators, managers, and end users 
  • Data model: A robust industry-leading data model housing all identity information and the context necessary to manage, maintain, and automate access 
  • Machine learning: A rich library of machine learning models designed for better-optimized enterprise identity security practices and improved decision-making 
  • Connectivity: An expansive library of application and resource connectors that allow organizations to consolidate all access and identity information into a single solution 
  • Event-driven orchestration: Automate simple and complex identity use cases through custom workflows & forms when changes happen and avoid manual intervention 

What are the benefits of SailPoint Atlas?  

The benefits are numerous. With common services rolling out to SailPoint Identity Security Cloud Business and Business Plus, today, customers can see the below benefits.   

  • Maintain a single access source of truth 
  • Make smarter access decisions 
  • Improve business processes 
  • Gain deeper identity and access understanding 
  • Full access visibility across a hybrid environment 
  • Enable Zero-Trust model 

How is SailPoint Atlas different from IdentityNow?  

SailPoint Atlas is the name of our SailPoint Identity Security Cloud platform. IdentityNow is our identity governance solution that includes lifecycle management and compliance. It does not include analytics and other key capabilities. IdentityNow is not a platform and it relies on some of the foundational components of SailPoint Atlas.  

Is SailPoint Atlas different from SailPoint Identity Security Cloud? Business or Business Plus?  

SailPoint Atlas is the platform for SailPoint Identity Security Cloud solutions (Business & Business Plus.) It includes the critical services enterprises must have to build a strong identity security program. Existing Business and Business Plus customers will benefit from the common services that make up Atlas.

Is SailPoint Atlas offered as a stand-alone solution (is there a SKU)?  

No. Today, it comes with Business and Business Plus.  

How do customers get SailPoint Atlas?  

All Business and Business Plus customers will automatically have SailPoint Atlas. Certain thresholds of the common services will be set for Business and Business Plus customers.  

When will SailPoint Atlas be available?  

SailPoint Atlas is already available to all Business and Business Plus customers.  If you aren’t currently a Business and Business Plus customer, you can learn more on our website. 

Where can customers and/or prospects find more information about SailPoint Atlas?  

You can find more information about SailPoint Atlas on our website

Managing your identity journey should not be hard. No matter where you start, SailPoint is here to help you and provide the right foundation that will enable your security program to scale and evolve alongside your organization. To learn more about the SailPoint Atlas announcement and other announcements during SailPoint Navigate 2023, please visit our overall announcement blog.