Protect your cloud infrastructure from unauthorized access.

Your organization is built on Google Cloud Platform. But if access to it isn’t secured and governed like the rest of your infrastructure, the benefits of cloud infrastructure can quickly disappear in the face of increased risk.

SailPoint Cloud Governance discovers and protects all your cloud platforms and resources. Using AI and machine learning, it automatically learns, monitors and secures access without slowing down your business.

  • See who has access across your GCP and multi-cloud infrastructure
  • Control access for both privileged and non-privileged accounts
  • Monitor user access for suspicious activity in real-time
  • Prevent unauthorized access from external networks, users and services

How does SailPoint govern access to GCP?

SailPoint gives you a comprehensive view of access to all resources across your multi-cloud infrastructure. With a single dashboard, you can easily enforce access policies for all users and use AI insights to detect potential risks and make more informed access decisions across your cloud environments.

Control access to your GCP accounts

Audit user activity, auto-discover access, automate credential creation, automate policies based on access

With SailPoint GCP governance, you can:

Discover all access

By discovering access roles and policies for all human and non-human users, as well as objects across your IaaS environments, you can instantly see who has access and how they’re using it.

Centralize management

Centrally manage and control access to your Google Cloud Platform using real-time graphs to continuously map access, along with authorization controls for every data object and privileged action in the cloud.

Automate and enforce access

Control access to GCP with pre-defined policies and credential cycling that accelerates low-risk access management and ensures that automated access is always granted according to policy.

Limit credential risk

Automate the rotation of keys, secrets and passwords to limit your security risk and record sessions to maintain an audit trail and monitor user activity in critical cloud environments.

Take control of your cloud platform.

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