Protect your collaboration tools from cybercriminals.

Collaboration tools such as Slack and Microsoft Teams are essential for your workers to communicate and share data with one another to get work done.  That’s why SailPoint makes it even easier for workers to request access to the apps and files they need right within Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Now you can provide workers secure access to the collaboration tools they use everyday with the ease and simplicity of requesting and approving access right within Slack and Microsoft Teams.

No need to call the helpdesk or spend time switching between multiple apps to request or approve access.  It’s all available with a simple shortcut – and who doesn’t love saving time?

Increase productivity and gain confidence knowing your workers can securely access and use your collaboration tools while keeping the bad guys out. 

  • Make it easy for workers to get access and keep working
  • Remove the friction of requesting access with the confidence that all access is within policy
  • Accelerate access delivery—no more manual IT requests or switching between multiple applications

Here’s what one global retail organization told us:

“We have more than 10,000 users in 800 retail stores. We were able to shift from meeting in-person to Zoom virtual meetings in just six days thanks to SailPoint’s built-in automation.”

— SailPoint Global Retail Customer

With SailPoint Identity Security, you control access to your collaboration tools according to the security policies you set. This means that workers, contractors, and partners only get the access they need — nothing more.

SailPoint gives you complete visability into who has access to what and allows you to adjust or remove access as needed. So whether you use Slack, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Aha! or Atlassian, you can provide a secure collaborative environment across your entire organization.

This integration also provides your workers access to corporate resources anytime, anywhere, eliminating the need to continuously switch between multiple apps to request access. Managers can also easily approve requests for access in the same manner – helping ensure secure access is delivered faster and  easier than ever before.

Securely collaborate with SailPoint:

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