Empower your users with self-service password reset

Password management is the key to effective security, we all know that. But with password reset helpdesk calls averaging $20 to $60 each, they add a lot of operational expense. SailPoint password management gives your users an easy, intuitive way to change or reset passwords themselves — while enforcing strong password policies across all applications and systems.

  • Minimize calls to helpdesk with self-service password resets
  • Enable your workforce to remain productive wherever they are
  • Support user applications on-premises and in the cloud

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With SailPoint you can:

Free up your IT team

Cut routine helpdesk calls by up to 40% so they can focus on more important IT projects.

Improve user satisfaction

With password reset self-service, you’ll eliminate user frustration from being locked out of accounts.

Increase security

Our configurable password policies strengthen security through consistent enforcement.

Receive automated updates

As a SaaS service, SailPoint password management is continuously improving and doesn’t require any patching or upgrading.

Help your users stay productive with self-service

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