Build a smarter identity program with predictive recommendations and insights

Digital transformation means more cloud applications, more data, more users and unfortunately, more risk.

Use the power of machine learning to reduce that risk. SailPoint automatically identifies users who have access that could make your organization vulnerable and gives you recommendations for access approvals and compliance-related issues.

  • Identify users who may have risky access
  • Approve access based on AI-driven recommendations
  • Automate recurring low-risk tasks for greater efficiency

SailPoint provides:

Comprehensive access history

See a user’s historical access at any point in time.

Proactive security

Get alerts for unusual user access and usage.

Intelligent threat detection

Dynamically generate risk models to drive automation.

Dynamic risk assessment

Tap into AI that continuously adjusts models based on learned risks to your organization.

Discover and prevent risky access with predictive recommendations

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