See more and do more with intelligent identity data.

SailPoint Identity Security combines identity data with the power of AI and machine learning to drive stronger security and compliance across your entire organization. Because if you don’t have a way to analyze your identity data, you’re missing a key tool that can help you become proactive and make better access decisions.

Our identity security platform makes it easy to turn large amounts of identity data into actionable insights. From user attributes and roles to access history and entitlements as well as the identification of identity outliers, our access insights provide rich intelligence to transform your identity security program into an essential strategic resource.

  • Discover identity access outliers with AI-driven visibility into access privileges
  • Identify potential risks, such as abnormal entitlements and dormant or orphaned accounts
  • Determine what access users should have versus what access they currently have
  • Receive recommended remediation steps that integrate into certification campaigns
  • Review dashboards and reports to track the effectiveness of your identity program

Access insights provides:

Identification of high-risk outlier identities

Get visibility into access privileges that are anomalous or pose a risk to the organization.

Easy-to-use dashboard

Take advantage of a single dashboard to flag outlier identities, review, and recommended actions to remediate and reduce the number of outliers in an organization.

Fast remediation

Generate certification campaigns quickly and easily to address risky outlier access.

Single source of truth

Collect all access-related activity and events, including any changes in access and entitlements.

Complete view of access history

Track user access over time to see patterns of historical access.

Real-time access reports

Query and filter by access types, accounts, attribute changes, or governance events.

Take advantage of identity data to drive stronger security and compliance

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