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APIs & Event Triggers

Easily create identity-driven integrations

Seamlessly integrate Identity Security into your existing business processes and applications ecosystem.

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Accelerate your identity security transformation with confidence. Assess the maturity of your identity capabilities.


Simplify bringing Identity Security to your broader ecosystem

Rapidly create custom identity-driven integrations and solutions that accelerate your business. Connect your HR, ITSM, IaaS, and SIEM technologies. Automate identity-related requests and notifications. And stay ahead of risk with deeper visibility and increased Identity Security control with SailPoint APIs and Event Triggers.

  • Embed identity within your digital ecosystem and automate security processes
  • Speed development of tailored application integrations to meet specific business needs
  • Customize how you use our APIs and event triggers for your business realities.


Build automated identity-enabled capabilities

SailPoint APIs and event triggers give you the flexibility to bring Identity Security into your operations in different ways. Deepen visibility. Enable notifications. Track identity attribute changes. Use identity to enhance your operations with greater ease.

  • Automate identity-related requests
  • Access details around identity changes
  • Enable faster notifications
  • Inform automated access approvals or rejections
  • Locate inactive identities for removal
  • Embed identity security throughout your ecosystem


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