Enable self-service resets and strong policies across the enterprise

Password management is essential to security. But calls to the helpdesk for a reset add operational expense – as much as $60 per call – and impact user productivity. SailPoint password management gives your users an easy and intuitive way to change or reset passwords themselves while still enforcing strong password policies across all applications and systems.

  • Reduce helpdesk calls with self-service password resets
  • Enable your workforce to stay productive wherever they are
  • Support applications both on-premises and in the cloud

With SailPoint you can:

Reduce IT costs

Lower the expense of password reset calls by up to 40% so teams can focus on higher-value projects.

Improve productivity

Empower users to easily reset passwords themselves and prevent account lockouts.

Increase security

Protect business assets with configurable password policies that ensure consistent enforcement across all applications.

Leverage automatic updates

Eliminate maintenance concerns – no patches or upgrades to manage – so you can stay focused on your business.

Enable user access and protect your business – everywhere.

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