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Managed Service Providers

Empowering identity security 

Embrace the experience, scale, and expertise of our Managed Service Providers to advise and govern your next-generation identity security solution.


Comprehensive support for your business

The SailPoint Managed Service Providers (MSPs) program allows our partners to deliver and manage SailPoint Identity Security Cloud as part of a unifying security service offering. Our MSPs help customers navigate security risks by advising, building, outsourcing, and managing next-generation cloud-native security solutions, leveraging the SailPoint product portfolio.

Empowering our certified MSP experts to drive greater customer value is at the core of our program, enabling our partners to provide world-class support that keeps customer operations running smoothly.


Our team of MSPs are there every step of the way

Increase your organization’s protection against growing cyber risks with identity security at your core. Our MSPs are empowered to help you with the proliferation of identities across your applications, solutions, and keep you ahead of ever-changing regulations.

Remove complexity, embrace innovation

SailPoint MSPs consult to configure and build holistic, integrated, AI-driven solutions that oversee all identities and their access across your enterprise.

Resources & expertise that drive your business 

Overcome challenges in sourcing identity security experts by outsourcing the maintenance and management to certified administrators and engineers. Free up your team to focus on your business.

World-class support 

Ground your identity program in SailPoint’s technology with world-class support from our certified MSP partners to keep your program running smoothly. 

SailPoint’s Managed Service Provider program represents a transformative advancement within the industry. This initiative empowers customers by alleviating the necessity of employing costly internal resources, allowing them to dedicate their focus to enhancing their end-user program rather than expending valuable time on operational matters. We have a mature Managed Services offering today, and the new program gives us a SailPoint certification that hasn’t existed before. We can both increase our range of services while maintaining license ownership and offer programmatic, dedicated resources to all our customers.

Paul Bedi
Founder & CEO of IDMWORKS


Frequently asked questions

SailPoint Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are partners who are accredited in the Delivery Services and/or Advisory Solutions partner categories of the SailPoint Partner Fleet program, and fulfill additional requirements including, but not limited to, help desk and support certifications, and Cloud Support Engineering. 

Our MSPs help in a myriad of ways, from staff shortages and access to security experts, to providing support and SailPoint certified engineering.  They ensuring regulation and compliance requirements are met across identity security and assess and support business transformation, cloud-migration, and provide tailored solutions that align to customers goals. 

The SailPoint program is designed to ensure our partners achieve the competencies required to qualify as a certified MSP.  Integral to qualification is their credentials in being a Delivery Services and/or an Advisory & solutions partner of SailPoint.  The MSP program also commands additional requirements including IdentityNow professional certifications, Help Desk training and various Engineering qualifications and capabilities.   

A managed service provider is required to meet the needs of an organization, often filling a labor gap, extending an IT team, or adding consultation and management of technologies.  They are flexible to the needs of the enterprise, and engagement typically begins with an assessment that determines the organization’s current environment, with the goal of identifying and consulting on support and operational efficiencies. 

Organizations traditionally turned to MSP to extend their IT team or provide dedicated on-premise resources to monitor and drive their business.  Today, the complexity of digital transformation, the proliferation of applications, and the role of technology of helping business operate both internally, and with customers, vendors and partners, technology is at the heart of the modern enterprise.  MSPs not only help with human resources and expertise, but they manage and ensure continuity of the technology on which your business operates. 

The dynamic threat landscape and complexity of comprehensively protecting against risk, including identity security, has seen MSPs focus more than ever on cybersecurity. More-so than ever, organizations are turning to MSPs to not only help navigate the dynamic environments and regulation, but to also leverage AI and cloud-based technologies to prevent and protect against threats.

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At SailPoint, we choose our services, advisory & solution, and growth partners carefully. We only work with companies that have a proven history of successful implementations and joint customer successes at scale.