SailPoint announces the acquisition of Intello

SailPoint, the leader in identity security for the cloud enterprise, is shining a light on hidden and ungoverned SaaS applications with the acquisition of Intello, a SaaS management platform.

This pairing addresses the sharp rise in shadow IT, which has resulted in a lack of visibility into what SaaS apps exist across today’s digital business combined with the critical need to properly manage, secure and optimize access to these apps for all workers.

Through this acquisition, IT teams will be able to take an identity-centric approach to SaaS Management with a seamless process from discovery to governance, ensuring every newly-discovered app (and data within) is protected with the right identity security controls.

We look forward to securing our customers’ future world of work – enabling secure SaaS adoption at scale with identity security. We will be bringing this new functionality to life as part of our existing SailPoint Identity Platform offerings.

In the meantime, learn more about SailPoint SaaS Management.