Strengthen your security with actionable identity insights.

What happens when you bring together two leaders: One in security information event management (SIEM), and the other in identity governance? You get actionable insights that help you significantly reduce the risk of a security breach.

SailPoint’s integration with Splunk gives you the information you need to quickly identify risks, spot compliance issues and make the right decisions to strengthen user access controls.

  • Get more precise security analytics with identity context
  • Use Splunk to enrich identity policies
  • Reduce noise for Security Operations
  • Automate tasks in SailPoint based on security alerts

How do SailPoint and Splunk work together?

SailPoint to Splunk: Identity & Context activity. Splunk to SailPoint: Security Contexts and incidents. SailPoint and Splunk enhance identity context, automate identity governance tasks, with alerts and mitigations

Our Splunk integration provides:


Combine identity information with behavioral analysis to better detect and investigate potential threats and risky behavior.


Integrate SailPoint system logs and audit events into the Splunk platform and use pre-built dashboards to see SailPoint deployment health at a glance.


Gain insights with a centralized view of all access and significantly reduce noise for Security Operation Center analysts so they can focus on higher value tasks.


Automatically manage accounts and enforce user access policies with SailPoint integration.

Make better security decisions with identity context.

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