Stop malicious emails from leading to data breach.

With 94% of breaches starting with an email attack1, it’s more important than ever to protect your users from targeted phishing and malware attacks.  

Secure your sensitive data with SailPoint. Our integration with Proofpoint email security allows you to detect and stop advanced email threats by automatically identifying and removing user access from potentially compromised accounts.   

  • Reduce risk by automatically adjusting or revoking access
  • Protect workers’ email and access from targeted phishing and malware attacks
  • Enforce and demonstrate compliance by ensuring the right access to your critical data and applications

  1. Verizon, “2019 Data Breach Investigations Report,” July 2019.

How do SailPoint and
Proofpoint work together?

Proofpoint identifies very attacked people (VAPs) and provides VAP list to SailPoint to ensure governance is applied to users with sensitive access; SailPoint proactively adjusts levels of access through certification and remediation. Proofpoint identifies when users click malicious links and remove mail and notifies SailPoint of potential account compromise. SailPoint triggers automated remediation. (e.g. password reset or notification)

How does SailPoint integrate with AWS?

SailPoint imports AWS user identity information to help you manage cloud resources. With our integration, you can govern AWS federation for a more secure cloud infrastructure.

Aggregation of AWS access information

Aggregate AWS users, groups, roles, policies, and organization information; create, update, and delete accounts and group

Federation support

User logs in through identity provider,access is granted based on user's entitlements, SailPoint governs access and maintains audit trail

Control access to your AWS accounts

Audit user activity, auto-discover access, automate credential creation, automate policies based on access

Our Proofpoint integration provides:

Early threat detection

Identify and stop advanced threats before a breach happens.

Immediate remediation

Automatically adjust or revoke access when risk is detected.

Governance of Proofpoint VAPs

Control access for your riskiest user accounts.

Continuous protection

Proactively detect and address unsafe access targets.

Reduce risk and improve security
with a people‑centric approach.

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