Get simplified, secure access and governance for complex environments

SailPoint’s integration with Ping Identity gives you complete visibility and control of all user access. It provides enterprise-level scale and security for your sophisticated hybrid environment. The end result? You maintain strong security, while ensuring that the right users gain secure and governed access to the right applications and data.

Now you can achieve a balance of security and convenience for your users, while demonstrating compliance and maintaining an access audit trail for every digital identity.

  • Be confident the right users have the right access
  • Quickly identify risks and spot compliance issues
  • Create user access policies based on roles and responsibilities
  • Enforce policies to demonstrate compliance with confidence and ease

Balance security and compliance

Our Ping integration provides:

Simplified identity governance for hybrid environments

Grant user access to applications and data, from any device at any time.

Enhanced visibility and security

Ensure secure, authenticated logins and appropriate entitlements for each user based on their current role and responsibilities.

Improved governance and control

Increase employee productivity through automated processes for provisioning, password management and application access approvals/removals.

Streamlined application certification and verification

Meet regulatory requirements by knowing who has access to your critical applications and document the process to prove compliance.

Help prevent security breaches and meet
regulatory requirements

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