Prevent risk of excess permissions and help IT see and do more.

The fact is you can’t protect what you can’t see.

While Okta connects every employee to every application through secure single sign-on (SSO), using SSO alone leaves you vulnerable to excess permissions and potential access blind spots. 

Using automated access policies and governance, SailPoint seamlessly integrates with Okta to give you the power to see and control access for everyone to everything across your organization.

  • Prevent excess entitlements that can lead to a breach
  • Gain the visibility to control access to all your apps and data — in the cloud and on-premises
  • Eliminate toxic combinations of access so users can’t access data they shouldn’t have
  • Enforce compliance with policies and a complete audit trail of all access

What are the benefits of our Okta integration?

By integrating SailPoint Predictive IdentityTM with Okta, you can evolve your identity program from traditional access management to intelligent policy-based identity management. This means that access is provisioned according to what each user actually needs to do their job. As their role evolves, their permissions change automatically. 

True least privileged security and compliance requires automated access policies and governance to ensure your workers only get the right amount of access needed to do their job — no more, no less.

With AI and machine learning, you can spot risky user access, accelerate and automate access delivery across your teams and ensure that access policies are always up to date. Our platform also lets you specify what a user can access within a particular application or system such as Salesforce and SAP — allowing them to only see and access information that is applicable to them.

The SailPoint-Okta integration provides:

Appropriate user access

Gain complete control over who has access to your sensitive applications, systems, file shares and cloud infrastructure across your hybrid environment.

Intelligent lifecycle management

Centrally manage user access for all users including employees, contractors, partners, suppliers and bots and automatically adapt access as roles change.

Rapid role modeling

Use AI and machine learning to quickly identify and create roles and policies that drive how access should be governed and updated.

Policy-driven access

Use rules and policies, including separation-of-duties, to prevent access violations, risk of over-entitled users and insider fraud.

Self-service 24×7

Eliminate helpdesk calls and accelerate productivity with policy-based self-service access requests and password management.

Risk visibility

Immediately identify and remediate risky access and outliers with pre-built dashboards and peer group analysis.

Automated access recommendations

Find out whether it’s safe to approve access or not with AI-driven recommendations.

Audit-ready reporting

Demonstrate compliance by generating a detailed audit trail of access in minutes.

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Basic identity and access management isn’t enough to keep your organization secure.

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