Make sure access is always compliant for onboarding, offboarding and everything in between

Okta allows users to log onto your network with a secure single sign-on (SSO), but true security and compliance requires more. You need to govern user access to all your apps and files — all the time.

SailPoint gives you that complete visibility and control.

  • See who has access to all your apps and data — in the cloud and on-premises
  • Make sure users are only able to access the apps, systems and data they need for their job
  • Demonstrate compliance with a complete audit trail of identities and enforced access

The Power of Identity2

Together, Okta and SailPoint enable organizations to have a secure and compliant digital transformation journey. With the two combined, you get the convenience of unified access and single sign-on, with the needed control of identity governance, giving your enterprise organization a best-in-class, integrated identity governance and access management solution.

How do SailPoint and Okta work together?

The combined solution from SailPoint and Okta allows your organization to automate and unify access, improve security and reduce risk, while ensuring compliance across all teams. See how below.

Our Okta integration provides:

Simplified user authentication

Oversee user authentication and grant access to apps and files from a single dashboard.

Compliant user access

Enforce authorization policies to make sure only the right users have access to sensitive applications, and document the process to prove compliance.

Streamlined employee access management

Use our automated approval processes for creating, changing and removing/terminating access.

Certified application access

Meet your regulation requirements with reports proving who has access to your critical applications.

Access control oversight

See and control who has access to what, from identities to accounts to entitlements.

Automated identity management

Reduce helpdesk tickets with automated onboarding, password resets and access requests.

Secure access to your on-premise, cloud and hybrid applications

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